Remove Dangerous Trees From Your Yard

Arrange for tree removal service in Yakima, WA

Falling trees and limbs could put your home or business at risk. If you've got a tree that's in danger of falling, reach out to OMG Landscaping & Design LLC. We offer tree removal service for homeowners and business owners in Yakima, WA. Our team will use precise calculations and safety measures to remove your tree without damaging your property.

We also offer stump removal and tree planting service. Call 509-307-8268 now to make an appointment with our team in Yakima, WA.

5 signs your tree is at risk of falling

5 signs your tree is at risk of falling

It's always better to remove a tree before it falls on its own. But how do you know when it's time to get tree removal service? Contact us immediately if...

  1. The tree has a hole in the trunk
  2. The tree is leaning significantly
  3. There are mushrooms at the base of the tree
  4. The tree has missing bark
  5. The branches are growing closely together

After we remove your tree, ask us about our tree planting service. We can plant a new, sturdy tree in your old tree's place.